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We believe in the power of the civic space to drive innovation and provide creative responses to some of the most critical challenges of our time.

About us

Our vision is a new model for integrated civic mobilisation that supports a “whole of society” response to global threats.

By bringing together cutting-edge civil society initiatives around targeted problem sets, we bring unprecedented focus, coherence and scale to our collective response.

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What We Do

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Next Level helps mission-aligned organisations to scale and help sustain their impact.




Pathway to

Where possible, we provide incubation support to seed initiatives, testing new concepts so they can be proven, scaled and sustained.

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Our Partners

Our partners consist of independent organisations operating on a not-for-profit basis in the field of investigative research, media, accountability and human rights.

How we are funded

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Donations /

We are funded by private and institutional philanthropic donations: we do not currently accept funds from government donors.

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Disclosure >

We respect donors’ desire for discretion and anonymity given the public polarisation around the issues we address. We do not publish our donors unless they request it.


Due Diligence *

We conduct due diligence on donors and partners to ensure our values are aligned and that we can maintain the highest standards of institutional integrity and compliance.

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