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Resist, defend
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We do it, because it is the right thing to do

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Next Level Initiatives was established as a civic response to the horror of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine
This brutal act of unprovoked aggression against the people of a sovereign European nation served as a rallying cry to unite in support of Ukraine.

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Our Challenge
How can we help Ukraine
resist Russian aggression?
Our informal civil society network of investigators, media professionals, activists, lawyers and campaigners quickly coalesced around the question of how to help Ukraine defend itself.

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Our Network


Our Understanding >

Our network has an intimate understanding of Russia’s intentions and its operational toolbox: propaganda and disinformation, political influence operations, diplomatic subversion, physical intimidation, organised crime and corruption and lawfare.


Our Research /

We assess that Russia will direct these weapons not only at Ukraine, but also at Ukraine’s allies, on whom it depends for its defence.

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Our conclusion

Our conclusion is clear: This is a whole of society war that demands a whole of society response.

Just as Russia seeks to exterminate independent democratic Ukraine, our collective should marshal the values, institutions, and freedoms of open societies around the world in Ukraine’s defence.

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Next Level was created to support, organise and focus this extraordinary network of experts, innovators and advocates to resist, defend and protect.

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We do it because it is the right thing to do.

Next Level & partners stand with Ukraine

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